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Welcome Alex Clemens, IMS's New Operations Coordinator

Meet Alex Clemens, Impossible Sensing’s Operations Coordinator!

Alex Clemens | Photo by Sam Owens

As Operations Coordinator, Alex is responsible for wearing many hats around Impossible Sensing HQ. She supports the IMS team in day-to-day operation initiatives, leads onboarding and staff training sessions, and helps develop new systems across the organization, among many other things. This position is ideal for Alex since she is detail-oriented, and has a knack for optimizing efficiencies.

Alex began her career in the Student Conduct and Residential Life departments at Washington University in St. Louis. She has also worked in theater, where she sharpened her trouble shooting skills in order to keep large productions running smoothly when the pressure was on. These skills come in handy when she is tasked with supporting IMS’s high-stakes research & development projects alongside IMS scientists and engineers.

“I’m not the person designing the devices that will eventually go into space or to the deepest parts of the ocean,” she says, “but, I still get immense satisfaction in supporting the people who do. I’ve really enjoyed learning all of the logistics that go into such an expansive project.”

In addition to her excitement for all things operations, Alex is happy to be part of an innovative and growing company headquartered in the community she calls home.

“A lot of people I talk to are surprised that there is a tech startup [like Impossible Sensing] based in St. Louis and I think, by making a home here, Impossible Sensing is changing how people view the city and its potential. Being able to help build a headquarters in St. Louis' South City is a dream.”

Fun Fact: when working from home, Alex shares an office with her hedgehog Arthur (who just turned 1) and her parakeet Vincent, whom she rescued from WashU’s campus this past August.

We're glad to have you, Alex!

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