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Impossible Sensing Amplifies St. Louis Agtech Hub in Bold Climate-Centric Shift

ST. LOUIS – November 13, 2023 – Impossible Sensing, a St. Louis startup renowned for its revolutionary optical sensor technology, announces a significant pivot to further amplify its climate-centric ventures by refocusing operations within specialized hubs. With a legacy that spans Mars rovers to deep-sea explorers, this strategic reorientation aims to supercharge its endeavors in the vibrant St. Louis agtech hub.

“Every move we make is meticulously calculated to create exponential growth,” said founder and chairman Dr. Pablo Sobron. “By aligning ourselves with the epicenters of innovation—St. Louis for agtech, Calgary for energy, Seattle for oceans, and Silicon Valley for space—we’re orchestrating a shift that transcends geographies, crafting a climate solutions ecosystem.”

At the heart of this refocus is a revolutionary agtech venture set to reshape soil measurement. By merging made-in-space sensors with existing farming machinery, growers can tap into real-time soil metrics, optimizing nutrient strategies and soil health with unparalleled precision.

“Impossible Sensing is part of the latest cohort of the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN²) program, a signature partnership between the Danforth Plant Science Center, the Wells Fargo Foundation and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,” said Stephanie Regagnon, executive director of Innovation Partnerships at the Danforth Center. “Impossible Sensing’s technology is not just transformative—it’s foundational for our future.”

Impossible Sensing’s evolution sharpens the St. Louis region’s edge as a leader in the global agtech industry, with a rich history in trailblazing soil, plant, and food sciences. In tandem with shifting its St. Louis base to the 39 North Agtech Innovation District, the company will amplify its talent pool, adding specialized roles in science, engineering, and business development next year to drive innovation and growth in the agtech sector.

“Impossible Sensing’s commitment to locate their agtech hub in St. Louis will both meaningfully enrich the 39 North community and further our region’s global reputation in sustainable agriculture,” said Emily Lohse-Busch, executive director, 39 North Innovation AgTech District.

Matt Helms, Managing Director at BioGenerator Ventures, echoed this sentiment: “In collaborating with Impossible Sensing, we see the convergence of vision, innovation, and passion. Their commitment to St. Louis and agtech amplifies our collective efforts to advance sustainable agricultural solutions for farmers, marking a win for both the climate and our region.”

“St. Louis represents the vanguard of agricultural technology and innovation. So, we’re not just joining an ecosystem—we’re amplifying it,” Sobron added. “From our inception, we’ve crafted paradigm shifts that redefine core climate-solving industries. This region is a global beacon for developing tech to accelerate sustainable agricultural practices, and we’re here to help spearhead that revolution.”

“St. Louis isn’t just a location—it’s the heartbeat of our mission,” concluded Impossible Sensing’s CEO, Widy Medina. “As we champion climate solutions, we’re proud to help elevate St. Louis to the peak of global agtech leadership.”

As part of this transformation, Impossible Sensing is relocating its aerospace arm to Silicon Valley to tap into its dense space exploration ecosystem and NASA Ames Research Center. This move aligns with their strategy to position operations in key industry hubs, as seen with their Calgary office at the heart of the energy transition nexus and their Seattle branch immersed in the vibrant ocean science and engineering community. This approach ensures maximum synergy and impact by aligning with pivotal stakeholders.

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