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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Our seasoned Software Engineer, Benjamin West, leads the charge on embedded design at Impossible Sensing. 

Long time astronomy enthusiast, Ben is eager for the opportunities Impossible brings to work on science products destined for far away locales like moons of outer planets.  Likewise for new devices designed for climate change mitigation and aimed much closer to home, like farmland right here in Missouri.

"I look forward to helping Impossible evangelize, both on Cherokee Street and farther afield, about the important lessons we can learn in extreme environments on this planet and others," he says.

Ben has called the Cherokee Street neighborhood (where you can find IMS HQ) home for a number of years, so it's particularly exciting for him to rejoin the community as an Impossible employee. He believes that the neighborhood is a strong cultural nexus of St. Louis, cultivating its unique identity in fascinating and challenging ways.

Prior to Impossible, Ben has worked in parallel processing, gaming hardware design, high-availability web applications, wireless mesh networking, and DevOps for terabyte scale computing.

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