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IMS Welcomes New Powerhouse Electrical Engineering Department

New Year, new EE department!

IMS welcomes our new powerhouse electrical engineering team, Rodrick Hoffman and James Nation, to the Impossible crew.

Rodrick kickstarted his career at Boeing St. Louis and spent time working on electronic design efforts for F-15, F-18, and T-7A Red Hawk. His electrical design focus includes Analog Design for Aerospace Applications, Power Electronics Design for Military Applications, and Fault Detection & Fault Isolation Electronic Design.

James comes to us with 5 years of experience designing Raman spectroscopy photometers, as well as an impressive background in 3-D modeling & printing. He began his studies in pre-pharmacy, but saw the light and graduated from SIUC with a BE.

Together, this team will use their skills and deep understanding of electrical engineering to advance Impossible's space and ocean innovations in our pursuit to decarbonizing the world faster.

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