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Impossible Sensing welcomes Kristian Mueller as Director of Programs

Impossible Sensing has welcomed Kristian Mueller to our growing team of industry experts.

As Director of Programs, Kristian will use his 20+ years of management experience in the aerospace sector to head up IMS's expanding catalogue of projects.

Kristian began his lifelong passion of exploring the unknown with a formal education in Aerospace Engineering and a specialization in Celestial Mechanics, which he received at The University of Texas at Austin. Over the course of his career, he has led $100M+ engineering projects, pioneered the first night-ops Astronaut Training Class at NASA's MRMDF, and gathered an impressive breadth of management experience in both manned and unmanned space technology through his work with NASA, ESA, DoD, oil & gas companies, and more.

Kristian has already been catapulted into the world of Impossible and will continue to help IMS grow from burgeoning cutting-edge startup to a well-oiled, high-tech R&D company.

Find out more about IMS's Director of Programs HERE.

Read his latest book Traveling in the Post-Pandemic World via Amazon.

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