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Impossible Sensing Expands Operations, Hires New CEO

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Impossible Sensing HQ, 2700 Cherokee St in St. Louis. Credit: Sam Owens

Aug 1, 2022

Impossible Sensing, a St. Louis-based space startup, expands operations and relocates its headquarters to 2700 Cherokee Street, a 22,500 square foot building that meets the ever-growing needs of the company.

The company began as a small operation out of founder Dr. Pablo Sobron’s basement in 2016, but has since grown into a team of 20 scientists and engineers. They occupied the lower level of a converted 130-year-old church in South City, St. Louis from 2018 – 2021.

Impossible Sensing also announced that Kristian Mueller will become Impossible Sensing’s new Chief Executive Officer effective August 1, 2022. Mueller, a seasoned aerospace industry executive with more than 20 years' experience delivering solutions to space agencies worldwide, has led the company’s engineering team since 2021.

Pablo Sobron and Kristian Mueller of Impossible Sensing. Credit: Sam Owens

According to Sobron, expanding Impossible Sensing’s physical footprint and hiring Mueller unlocks new opportunities for the company.

“With Kristian at the wheel, we can keep our team focused on a single-minded mission and unleash even more potential,” Sobron remarked. “This is the next step on the road to Impossible Sensing becoming a leader in space exploration and a key player in the race to de-carbonize our own planet.”

Mueller is excited to continue Sobron’s legacy.

“I’m honored and excited to transition into my new role at Impossible Sensing, where I can continue to support a team of out-of-this-world innovative and talented staff and engineers,” he expressed. “The research and product lines of IMS have tremendous potential to globally impact the efforts to decarbonize the world. I look forward to working with the entire team to implement the vision set by our founding father, Dr. Sobron.”

Dr. Sobron will not be leaving Impossible Sensing. He’ll continue on as Impossible Sensing’s Chair, focusing his efforts on new products and radical innovation.

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