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Impossible Sensing is excited to announce that its innovative technology to quantify sequestered carbon and other soil attributes has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for continued development through a $1.6M SBIR Phase II contract.

Find the U.S. DOE Office of Science SBIR Awards announcement here.

photo: SEEMS by Impossible Sensing

Spatial Excitation Emissions Matrix Spectroscopy (SEEMS) fills a critical gap in soil quality measurement by replacing expensive and logistically problematic soil coring and off-site analysis with cost-effective on-site monitoring, accounting, and verification of soil carbon and other health indicators.

According to Pablo Sobron, Founder & CEO of Impossible Sensing, “this $1.6M investment will allow Impossible Sensing to demonstrate our solution with customers who will receive the soil quality insights they need to implement soil management practices that strengthen yields, soil health, and resilience at a price they can afford.”

Impossible Sensing’s technology will have critical societal impacts. Managing soils with conservation practices (no-tillage, cover crops, crop rotations etc.) mitigate the harmful effects of climate change by increasing carbon content in soils, among other benefits. Broad implementation of these practices provides a significant opportunity for net greenhouse gas reduction; however, the lack of a credible and reliable monitoring, accounting, and verification system limits adoption. The improved measurement system developed by Impossible Sensing will increase certainty in carbon credit markets, drive broad participation, and allow climate-smart agriculture to deliver on the sector’s sustainability potential.

Impossible Sensing has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with BioGenerator company, Susterco, in St. Louis, MO. Impossible Sensing participated in BioGenerator’s Grants 2 Business program and Susterco developed the commercialization plan for the Phase II application. Susterco complements Impossible Sensing’s mission to decarbonize the world faster by providing access to exceptional knowledge of unmet market needs and clean-tech efforts. To this end, Susterco will facilitate market adoption and commercialize all uses of Impossible Sensing’s technologies for agriculture, forestry, and food production on earth.

Read more about our partnership with Susterco HERE.

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