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Sensing for sustainability

Drawing upon our space and ocean heritage, we transfer advanced sensing technologies to address challenges in industry. We specialize in developing tools for optical measurements in the most extreme conditions with unparalleled sensitivity and specificity. When it comes to oil & gas and mining, our devices have the power and adaptive capabilities to close measuring gaps by bringing the lab to the field.


Our field-rugged sensors use deep data analytics to see trends, proactively make decisions, and instantly respond to changes before they become a problem down the line. Our applications include performing real time at-rig mud logging, at-well in-line multi-phase flow, slurry measurements during hydrotransport, and autonomous, on-site quantification of fugitive methane emissions.

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Core Explorer Series is a modular solution for next-gen core analysis and incorporates LIBS, Raman and UV instruments to provide unparalleled data in core logging. Ruggedized for field operation, CX can be deployed in on-site labs and mobile testing rigs or miniaturized and operated beside the borehole.

CX’s powerful techniques can see what was previously considered impossible by expanding analysis capabilities to include light elements TOC, fines and water content.



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Our flow metering technology measures real-time, continuous flows of water, oil, gas, and gas fractions at each well, radically improving reservoir management and recovery.


There are more than one million wells in North America that are not measured continuously or accurately. We help close the critical gap that impacts producers’ ability to properly know what and how much of a specific product they are producing at any given time while preventing governments from determining royalties and revenue proration.